By linking breath to movement, Vinyasa Yoga strengthens the mind-body connection. Learn to move with intention and cultivate a sense of ease, even in seemingly difficult situations. 

Heather Lynn – outdoor Yoga

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What to Expect

Each class warms up with multiple rounds of Sun Salutations, followed by a core-strengthening series to support your postures and protect your spine. Next, a variety of standing and seated poses linked together by a repetitive half series. Class concludes with Savasana, a resting pose that allows you to absorb and integrate all of the work you have done for yourself. Adaptive options allow you to create a practice that suits you best.

Types of Yoga

Understanding of Basic Postures Recomended
Equipment Needed

Yoga Mat and Water (props optional)


Varies – Check Schedule Details

Grounded in Nature

Our Belief

Mountain Air Yoga’s mission is to attune ourselves to our own natural rhythms and to the natural cycles of the Earth. We promote reverence for Nature through yoga, mindful outdoor experiences, and education.

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