About Retreats


Discover the essence of Mountain Air retreats—a haven for adults seeking outdoor adventures, nature’s splendor, and personal connection. Delve into a space equipped to quiet the mental noise, allowing a profound connection with the serene wisdom within the heart. Guided activities like yoga, journaling, art, and hiking serve as tools for unearthing deeper wisdom, fostering peace, compassion, and love—the core of our essential nature—through breathwork, yoga, nature immersion, and mindful presence.


Each Mountain Air retreat is meticulously designed to guide you towards embracing and embodying your authentic self, provide a sanctuary from the hectic pace of everyday life, incorporating meditative practices, breathwork, nature exploration, journaling, artistic expression, music, yoga, visionary exercises, hiking,  leisure time, and indulgence in delicious vegetarian meals. As an added option, some retreats offers the opportunity for a 30 or 60-minute massage, along with a 30-minute Reiki session, available for an additional fee.


Locations vary by retreat.


Investment: $499- $849 includes all meals, lodging, classes, yoga,  breathwork, and activities.